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Revenue Canada Audits Revenue Canada Audits

Revenue Canada Audits

We specialize in Representation and providing Defense in Revenue Canada Audits. Stop Garnishments and Cancel or Reduce Interests and Penalties

We provide three levels of Audit Assistance.

Pre-Audit Program:
Before a tax auditor knocks at your door, we can go through the audit process to prepare you? We can pinpoint your areas of exposure and prepare you for the types of questions you will likely be asked. In addition, by diagnosing problem areas, we can correct mistakes and thus leave far less for a tax auditor to find.

Audit Preparation Program:
Even though we always recommend our pre-audit program every 2-3 years it is not too late to consult with us if you have just received an audit letter from CRA. We can go through the areas that CRA is going to audit, provide all the necessary information CRA has requested in a timely manner, prepare you for the questions that CRA asks in audits and minimize the chances of audit in other related areas. For example if you are selected for a payroll audit our representation and timely action can not only prepare you well for payroll audit but can also save you from a potential income tax audit.

Post Audit Program:
So if you were busy enough in your business that you ignored our first two programs and the auditor knocked your door and assessed you with a big tax bill you can still contact us right away as we have only 90 days from the notice of (re)assessment to appeal it and get it reduced or even reversed.

Last Updated On: October 11, 2016
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